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Upgrading and Replacing Faucets and Toilets

New Styles and Finishes On Fixtures Affordability and Prompt Service Bodee here, the plumbers pup. I’ve been drinking my lattes while loading up the van with new faucets and toilets. If you are thinking of selling your house or even upgrading your fixtures, now is the time to do it. Ask any realtor, the first…

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Important-Water Heater Maintenance

Bodee’s Blog Anode Rods Hi, I’m Bodee, the plumbers pup and I want to share some really important information about anode rods, wait one minute while I chew on a his sock, he has a lot of holey socks, hee, hee. So you are thinking, what is an anode rod and why should I care.…

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Moen’s first blog

How to avoid a pipe bursting Winter Advice for plumbing My name is Moen, as you can tell I am the plumbers pup, I am the handsome one on the left side. My brother Bodee is on right and has not learned to use the computer yet, and besides his paws are too big. We…

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