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Moen’s first blog

How to avoid a pipe bursting

Winter Advice for plumbing

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My name is Moen, as you can tell I am the plumbers pup, I am the handsome one on the left side. My brother Bodee is on right and has not learned to use the computer yet, and besides his paws are too big.

We are now fully into winter and boy is it cold. Nothing worse than hearing water gushing and finding your water froze in the pipe and you now have Lake Champlain in your kitchen. Easy way to make sure that does not happen. Open your kitchen and bathroom cabinets so you have warm air circulating by the pipes, next open the faucet to a drip, this will prevent the freezing of the water. If you have a really cold area, you may want to put a portable heater there for the night if temperatures are really going down. I have been out with my Dad on these jobs and they are not pretty, I don’t like carrying a wrench and swimming to fix a pipe. So there is my advice to you, now go fix yourself a hot chocolate and relax. I however am looking for the treat that fell behind the couch, but don’t tell my brother.