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Upgrading and Replacing Faucets and Toilets

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Bodee here, the plumbers pup. I’ve been drinking my lattes while loading up the van with new faucets and toilets. If you are thinking of selling your house or even upgrading your fixtures, now is the time to do it. Ask any realtor, the first thing a buyer looks at is the kitchen and the bathrooms, of course the handsome dog helps too. The home improvement stores are having sales on all these items. New styles and attractive finishes for every decor. Faucets that have pull out handles which makes it easier to clean your pots and larger items. Toilets that use less water and are more efficient. Personally the elongated toilets are my favorites, you do know I am house trained!

     And an added tip, know where your water shutoff valve is in case of emergency. Swimming indoors is nice but not in your kitchen. It’s even a good idea to shut if off when you go on vacation, you certainly don’t want to come home to your flat screen TV drowning, and although John Burns plumbing can get there promptly, I don’t do boots well. Well gotta go to work with the plumber, I need my 401K, and besides he gets me an ice cream at the end of the day. So remember for all your plumbing needs, upgrading, repairing, no job too small, at a price you can afford, so check out www.johnburnsplumbing.com and call us 828 430-1455, we’ll leave the phone on.